State of the art - AI Innovation Center

A independent innovation playground that brings knowledge about Artificial intelligence down to a relevant, understandable and practical level and through real innovation generate new solutions and increased growth for Danish businesses

The future belongs to them that captures the essence of AI




To create state of the art AI Innovation Center - a neutral innovation playground that brings knowledge about artificial intelligence down to eye-level so it can be transformed in to concrete solutions and further growth for Danish companies

We want to construct an AI Innovation House of approximately 4,500 m2.

  • AI House will be a Triple Helix innovation playground where companies, government authorities and research and educational establishments can network, innovate and work together to bring highly specialised knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence down to a practical level and create new concepts, solutions and sustainable products.

  • AI House will help to attract customers and employees to the Region of Southern Denmark in order to create the necessary critical mass of businesses, employees, knowledge institutions and activities.

  • AI House will help to make digitization and artificial intelligence specific, relevant and understandable and, on the basis of innovation, create real value for Danish businesses.

Overall, we want to create a digital growth environment that builds bridges between people and artificial intelligence.


Who is behind the project ?

Bagger Sørensen Invest is behind the project and brings wide-ranging experience from similar projects such as Green Tech Centre, Food Innovation House, Advice House and Business House in Dandy Business Park.

AI Innovation House will be located in Dandy Business Park on Lysholt Allé in Vejle Nord. The site is close to the E45 motorway in Trekantsområdet which ensures easy access to the centre. Within a one hour drive, the business park is reaching over one million people.

Green Tech Center.jpg

Green Tech Center

Food innovation house.jpg

Food Innovation House

Business House.jpg

Business House

Advice house.jpg

Advice House

AI Innovation House


Communication of AI Knowhow

The idea is to create a single, easy entry point to knowledge and expertise in the field of commercial use of artificial intelligence.

It will be a neutral playground where you will be able to see, touch and hear how digitization and artificial intelligence can be used in your organisation, including:

  • Large 3D showroom where you can see and try different AI products offered by large and small IT providers. For example, connection to other centres in Copenhagen, Odense, Seoul, Silicon Valley
  • Conferences and events
  • After-work meetings
  • Continuing education
  • 1:1 business meetings
  • Access to advice and guidance on e.g. data security
  • Industry-specific events
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality opportunities

AI Innovation

We want to create a neutral innovation playground that provides access to various options for getting started with innovation, e.g.:

  • Start-up package with independent specialist for what, where and how to get startet
  • Access to supercomputers so you can work with very large data projects (supercomputer)
  • Test lab – play, test and try things out before putting them into production
  • Access to data platforms to develop new knowledge and new digital products
  • Digital innovation processes, hackathons or brainstorming workshops with researchers
  • Matchmaking and collaboration between specialised AI knowhow and established businesses, entrepreneurs
  • Project-innovation partnerships between businesses and researchers, e.g. 48-hour innovation processes
  • Cooperation with international partners and businesses, e.g. to attract foreign AI knowhow
  • Collaboration in the field of robotics, drones and virtual reality
  • Digital mentor corps: one-to-one advice and mentoring
  • Investor corps who wants to invest in new exciting AI technologies
abacus_sdu_slide 6.jpg

AI Training

We must continuously educate and train ourselves in digitization and artificial intelligence.

We want AI House to offer some relevant further and continuing education and training programmes for businesses in partnership with e.g. the University of Southern Denmark, Lillebaelt Academy, the Confederation of Danish Industry etc.

These could include:

  • Industry-specific supplementary training courses
  • Business innovation events for universities
  • Innovation events for upper secondary schools

In addition, we want to maintain AI University students in the Region of Southern Denmark and support an education bridge between universities and companies. We also want to ensure exiting internships and jobs for students.


Match making in a strong ecosystem

The AI House must have a matchmaker (secretariat) to ensure optimum matchmaking and innovation between partners.

  • Central to the house there will be a number of common features that naturally must be the driving force of the collaboration and network of users of the house - for example, showroom, VR 3D center, supercomputer, test lab, state-of-the-art technology and knowledge and training center.

  • It will create a strong ecosystem where you can get help and sparring for developing your business through knowledge sharing, business development, product development, marketing, sales, mentors, investors, etc. AI Innovation House will be a place where innovation, business development and networking can be developed across businesses, disciplines and specialized knowledge.

  • Experience from both the Green Tech Centre, Food Innovation House and abroad shows that physical cohesion can be conducive to creating a dynamic community where people meet not only because they have a meeting scheduled, but because meeting is a natural part of everyday life. We also want a wide range of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, research institutions and government authorities to generate the optimum synergy to ensure that everyone moving into AI House achieves a competitive advantage.

  • The philosophy behind AI House will be based on openness and knowledge sharing because we believe that this is the path to growth for all.




We want to attract a wide range of small and medium-sized IT companies, start-ups, knowledge institutions and government authorities to the AI House to generate optimum synergy and knowledge sharing.


  • Lease of modern offices and access to meeting rooms, staffed reception and canteen
  • Opportunities to participate in after-work meetings, conferences etc.
  • Display of products/solutions in the showroom
  • Innovation projects in partnership with knowledge institutions
  • Research and study projects
  • Business development, mentors and investors
  • Access to supercomputer, databases, test lab and training
  • VR 3D studio for distance learning/workspaces
  • Access to Denmark's best VR conference centre
  • Access to new business partners and customers
  • Increase the attraction of IT specialists and the opportunity to maintain and recruit IT staff
  • Access to networks of other entrepreneurs and IT companies

AI entrepreneurs

We want to create an inspiring office community with access to informal information sharing between start-ups and large IT companies

Target group

  • Start-ups and young IT companies
  • Spin-off companies from e.g. universities and major corporations


  • Desk rental
  • Strong ecosystem, including mentor and investor corps
  • Matchmaking programmes
  • Events
  • Access to showrooms, supercomputer and ‘real-world’ test lab in which new digital products can be developed
  • Access to networks of other entrepreneurs and IT companies
  • Feedback and help for
    • Business development, product development and
    • Professional business plan, business analysis etc.
    • Internationalization and go-to-market analyses
    • Export cooperation
    • Investment

Office communities

We want to create a whole new kind of office community for:

  • Independent IT consultants who want to meet like-minded people and not always sit alone at home and work
  • ‘Expat’ staff in larger companies and foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Denmark

The aim is to create an new inspiring office community that offers access to informal information sharing, new ideas and advice between other independents, start-ups and large IT companies. 


  • Desk rental in a new modern office community
  • Strong ecosystem of sparring, inspiration
    and advice with peers
  • The possibility of participation in after-work meetings,
    conferences etc.
  • Access to showrooms, supercomputer, test lab etc.
  • VR 3D studio for remote working

VR 3D Center

We want to create Denmark's best VR 3D Centre based on the latest technology


Access to VR Conference Centre


VR on-distance working platform, including a fantastic setting for remote workstations


VR 3-D studio for distance learning


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality opportunities


Modern meeting places for personal meetings


Meeting place for workshops

Advisory Board

Collaboration and knowledge sharing across companies, government authorities and educational establishments creates the best conditions for growth and job creation.

Cooperation across geographical locations in Denmark can strengthen the national position.

That is why we want to set up a Triple Helix Advisory Board in order to offer discussion and guidance in the development of AI House and subsequently to plan
in-house activities and projects.


If you are interested in hearing more about AI Innovation House, contact either
Ulla Bagger-Sørensen or Jørgen Andersen.


Ulla Bagger-Sørensen

Ulla Bagger-Sørensen

Project Manager

+45 2948 0948

Jørgen Andersen

Jørgen Andersen


+45 4053 5337

Step plan

We are currently studying the interest in establishing an AI Center in Vejle.
The Step plan sets out a few selected milestones, including the fact
that the house will be ready for opening in 2020.

  • Q2-Q3 2018
    Interest coverage
    Meetings with stakeholders about possible areas of cooperation
    Concepts and content are being developed

  • Q3 2018
    Enter conditional partnership agreements
    Principal approval of the Board of Directors

  • Q4 2018
    Project / calculation / financing / lease agreements

  • 2019
    Final approval
    Construction and organization

  • 2020

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